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Our staff consists of highly trained, seasoned repairmen. Special training goes into doing the repairs we perform at Roppel's. It is a skill with a steady hand to solder radiators and related heat exchangers. Our repairmen are the best at what they do. The staff has a tenure of over 20 year each, with Roppel's.

Radiator Repair

The radiator repair industry is still going strong at Roppel's. The family business was founded in 1947 as an auto radiator repair shop where John and Virgil started. Through the years the auto radiator repair business has all but gone away because of the disposable plastic and aluminum radiator. Today's radiator service business at Roppel's consist of Heavy Duty, Industrial, and Agricultural radiator repair. These radiators are still made of copper and brass, so repair is still possible. We also do aluminum repair. We receive all types of radiators from Semi's, coalmine equipment, farm tractors, and even from generators that run as a backup for hospitals and other large buildings. They all need radiators for cooling the engine or generator. We have had radiators come in for repair that measure 12ft x 12ft off of Cranes and Euclid's from the coal mines and quarry's.

Fuel Tank Repair

Gas Tank Renu is a franchise that Roppel's has been very successful at. It consist of repair and coating gas and fuel tanks. The tanks come in with rust and corrosion. We steam them, bead blast, and then coat them with a liquid rubber material on the inside and outside. The coated tank is then baked and cured so the material will last with a long guarantee and no more rust issues We actually make the tank better than new.

Heat Exchanger Repair

We also repair any kind of heat exchanger. Oil coolers, steam coolers and charge air coolers are just a small variety of things we repair.

Tubes and Hose repair

Another service we offer is tube and hose repair and replacement. We can repair or make up tubes and hoses for air conditioning, hydraulics, pneumatics, and coolant applications.

Free Pickup and Delivery

We offer free pickup and delivery for commercial accounts, or walk ins. Our turnaround time is second to none. We will get you back in operation fast.

Store Hours

Store Hours- 7:30 to 4pm Monday through Friday located at 632 Baxter Avenue. Please call Glenn or Kyle at 502-587-8648 for service. It's the original location, since 1947.