Complete Vehicle Inspection Service

Roppel?s performs a complete vehicle inspection on every car and truck that comes in to our stores. This is the first step to inform you of your vehicles overall condition for your safety and the vehicles long life. We Always Get Your ApprovalÓ before performing any repair or service. We encourage you, our customer, to come in and let us show you what issues we found so you can make an informed decision on your vehicles maintenance. Roppel?s will fully explain to you, when things are needed, if any, so you know what is being done in an honest and professional way.

Brake Service

Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle and it is important to insure they are properly working and in good condition. Roppel?s services all types of braking systems. Services include inspection and replacement if needed of, ABS components, brake pads and rotors, drums and lines, fluid flush and fluid renew.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Roppel?s is the leader in air conditioning and heating service on all makes and models. Vehicles are fully inspected first. Services include things as simple as recharging and leak inspection, to more involved component replacement including the compressor, evaporator, condenser and the heater core. Other services include dash blend door motor and control head replacement that can cause heating and cooling issues out the interior vents.

Steering & Suspension

Roppel?s inspects and services under car systems steering and suspension services including ball joints, tie rod ends, rack and pinions, steering pumps and lines, sway bar bushings, hub bearings, struts, shocks, and all other suspension and steering components. If you hear rattling under your car while going over bumps, one of these items could be the cause.

Preventive Maintainence Services

Roppel?s is very experienced in keeping vehicle?s running correctly and safe on the road. Roppel?s own maintained fleet of warehouse vehicles runs up to as much as 550,000 miles before they are laid to rest. So we are definitely experienced at being Pro-Active to insure all service is done according to manufacturer?s specifications for your vehicle and getting a long vehicle life.

Engine Services

Roppel?s can get your engine running like new again. We perform full engine diagnostics with the latest technology and equipment. Services include simple things as oil changes and tune ups to induction cleaning, head gaskets, intake manifolds, and even engine replacements. We replace many engines every year with pre-owned or rebuilt engines.

Powertrain / Driveline Services

Roppel?s will inspect the transmission, drive shaft, CV joints, and rear-end for service and maintenance issues. This includes fluid and filter changes, u-joints, and rear-end components (if applicable).

Electrical & Charging Systems

Roppel's can service and repair your vehicles electrical system, including the battery, starter, alternator, electronic control modules (ECM), body control module (BCM), and even window motors and regulators. There is so much to a vehicles electrical system now days, and it takes a special shop like Roppel's to diagnose the above components and wiring to get it right the first time.

Engine Cooling System

Roppel's are the experts in diagnosing and repairing your engine cooling system problem. The business was founded on cooling system repair back in 1947. Services include diagnosing overheating issues. We service and replace the radiator; water pump, thermostat, hoses and belts, and simple things such as cooling system flush and fill with new antifreeze.

Exhaust Services

Roppel?s will inspect your exhaust system and can replace your muffler, tail pipe, catalytic converter, O2 sensors, and exhaust manifold gaskets, making your vehicle run quieter, more efficient, with no carbon monoxide inside the passenger cabin.

Fuel System

Roppel?s service?s fuel systems, including fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel lines, injectors, fuel tank repair and replacement, making sure your vehicle is delivering the best fuel mileage possible and keeping your vehicle safe.

Pre-Owned/Pre-Purchased Customer Vehicle Inspection

Roppel?s will inspect a pre-owned vehicle that you are looking to purchase. Set up a scheduled inspection and we will get it on the rack so you can see everything about the car , on top and underneath. This way you can find out what things need attention and what things are in good condition. This will allow you to make an informed decision whether to purchase the vehicle or not.

Radiator Repair

Roppel?s was founded in 1947 as radiator repair shop. Today we have a full scale Industrial shop that still does radiator repair of all type of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, semi trucks, agricultural and farm tractors, and construction equipment. Other services offered at Roppel?s HD Industrial shop includes repair of charge air coolers, hydraulic coolers, diesel particulate filter cleaning (DPF), EGR cleaning, fuel tank repairs, hydraulic Line repair and makeup. Please check the website for more info.

Check Engine & Emission Service Lights

Roppel's can do a full scan and diagnose your vehicle's service lights that come on your dash. Check engine and emission lights only give a general area of problems. Roppel's skilled technicians will replace the right parts the first time. This will save you on cost, fuel usage and running issues.

Standard Vehicle Inspection

Every time you bring your car in for maintainence, we perform a full inspection of all the major components, including the following areas (if visible):

  • Tires
    • Pressure
    • Wear Pattern
    • Tread Depth
  • Fluid Level & Condition
    • Engine Oil
    • Coolant
    • Brake
    • Power Steering
    • Transmission
    • Wiper Washer
  • Belts (if Visible)
    • Drive Belt
    • Timing Belt
  • Exhaust System
    • Muffler
    • Catalytic Converter
    • Pipes
  • Hoses & Lines
    • Brake Lines
    • Radiator Hoses
    • Heater Hoses
    • Fuel Lines
    • Power Steering Hoses
    • Air Conditioning Hoses
  • Filters
    • Oil
    • Fuel
  • Wipers
    • Front
    • Rear
  • Battery & Charging System
    • CCA Battery Strength
    • Starter
    • Alternator
    • Battery Terminals
  • Lamps
    • Head Lamps
    • Tail Lamps
    • Parking Lamps
    • Turn Signal Lamps
  • Check Engine & Emission Light
    • Read Stored Codes
    • Run Scan
    • Diagnotics
  • Brakes
    • Pads
    • Rotors
    • Calipers
    • Lines
  • Powertrain/Driveline
    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Transfer Case
    • Differential
    • CV Joint
    • U-Joints
  • Air Conditioning
    • Vent Temp
    • Compressor
    • Condenser
    • Cooling Fan
    • Vent Temp
  • Heating
    • Blower
    • Mode
    • Engine Temp
    • Vent Temp
  • Steering & Suspension
    • Tie Rods
    • Sway Bar
    • Shocks
    • Struts
    • Springs